For your convenience, Faay has an online archive from which you can download documents on a wide range of topics, such as BIM models, brochures, assembly instructions, STABU specifications, KOMO assessment certificates, AutoCAD files and our General Terms and Conditions.

NB: All our tests have been conducted in accordance with EN and NEN standards. All building physics data contained in our documents is based on reports/calculations produced by an independent firm of building physics consultants.

Assembly instructions

VP54 / VP70

BIM-Partitions walls 54mmZIP (2,3MB)
BIM-Partitions walls 70mmZIP (2,3MB)
BIM-Partitions wallsZIP (4,5MB)
BIM-Retention wallsZIP (2,4MB)
BIM-Insulation wallsZIP (2,3MB)
BIM-Party (separating) wallsZIP (2,3MB)
BIM-2resist®-ceiling systemZIP (18,6MB)
DoP 2Resist60 pdf (57KB)
DoP 2Resist120 pdf (57KB)
DoP FR19 VOpdf (57KB)
DoP GP22 VOpdf (60KB)
Prefab sustainable partition walls PDF (4mb)
Wall- and ceiling systemsPDF (1,2mb)
Partitions (VP54, VP70, SP54...)PDF (4,1mb)
Facing walls (PG, GP22, VP35...)PDF (2.7mb)
W'all-in-One (PG60, PG70, PG90...)PDF (446kb)
Acoustic insulation & Party (separating) walls (IW90, IW100, IW148...)PDF (3.9mb)
Ceiling systems (GP22VO, FR19VO...)PDF (1.6mb)
2resist® 60 Fire-resistant ceiling systemPDF (600kb)
FramesPDF (1.0mb)
Indoor Climate wall (HV84)PDF (780kb)
Thoughtful walls for shop and showroomPDF (1.6mb)
Blocks System (VP54, VP70)PDF (590kb)
KBL-system (VP54, VP70)PDF (460kb)
Walls and ceilings for future-proof education buildingsPDF (670kb)
Cavity-barrierPDF (455kb)
Wall- and ceiling systems (Polish brochure)PDF (900kb)
Wall- and ceiling systems (Danish brochure)PDF (491kb)
Installation Instructions VP54 / VP70PDF (750kb)
FAAY walls finishing recommendationsPDF (791kb)
Stabu textsZIP (20kb)
W'all-in-One PG60ZIP (4kb)
W'all-in-One PG70ZIP (4kb)
W’all-in-One PG90ZIP (7kb)
HV70ZIP (11kb)
KOMO attest non- bearing interior walls made of floor-height FAAY wall panelsPDF (273kb)
KOMO attest applications FAAY CeilingsPDF (147kb)
KOMO quality declaration FAAY CeilingsPDF (154kb)
AutoCAD filesZIP (3,9mb)
2resist60-AutoCAD-detailsZIP (130kb)
SKH-PEFC-COC-5172-23-Faay-Vianen-B.V.ZIP (347kb)
SKH-COC-000362-23-Faay-Vianen-B.V.ZIP (371kb)

In the event of inconsistency between the English, French and / or German version the Dutch version shall prevail. Download PDF (1.1mb)