Faay attaches a great deal of importance to sustainability, both as regards our products and our manufacturing processes. That is why we make a conscious and active contribution to ecological construction methods and, by doing so, make a substantial contribution towards creating a better living environment.

Environmentally-friendly work processes

Faay manufactures and works in a very environmentally-friendly manner. We collect glue residues in our factory, for instance, and separate our waste. We generate bio-energy from moulded material to heat our factory buildings. Our offices are located in A++-premises, where energy, water and raw materials are used with care.

Environmentally-friendly wall and ceiling systems

All Faay products are exceptionally ‘green’. We only use inexhaustible, bio-based raw materials and resources. The basis is flax, wood and plaster which are environmentally-friendly and endlessly renewable.
Our walls and ceilings also have a long life and can be easily reused.

National and international accreditations and certificates
Faay Vianen is certified by ISO (among other things: ISO 14001 for environmental impact and ISO 9001 for quality assurance), KOMO, FSC® and PEFC.