Faay’s mission

Faay Vianen B.V. is a Dutch, family-owned business that wants to make the refurbishment and construction of dwellings and commercial premises easier, more flexible and sustainable. Our motto is ‘Quality Always Wins’. That is why Faay not only supplies top-quality ready-to-use wall systems and ceiling systems, but also adopts a personal, solution-oriented and professional method of working.

Although Faay’s main focus is on professional construction businesses, we also supply products for DIY enthusiasts.

Faay’s vision

Faay Vianen B.V. supplies the smartest, most flexible and environmentally-friendly wall and ceiling systems made from inexhaustible, bio-based materials (in particular flax) in the most sustainable, certified manner.

Faay products have unique qualities – both at national and international level. They provide optimum robustness, impact strength, sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire-resistance, health (indoor climate, hygiene), speed of installation, possibilities for disassembly, reusability and energy recovery.
Faay will continue to take the lead across the globe for the coming years by constantly improving and innovating its products and services. Faay is the only Dutch family-owned business in this market and also manages to make the most of its unique position by having more personal contact with its customers, based on sincere involvement and on providing the best service.