Code of conduct

Faay is a company you can build on. We do what we promise and we stick to our agreements. Our performance will not disappoint and we are keen to put forward ideas and make suggestions, with your interests at heart. You can count on that.

Guarantee for integrity

Faay expects its employees to conduct themselves in a professional and honest manner, when at the company and elsewhere. We have laid down the integrity we aim for in a code of conduct. This code of conduct provides extra clarity about the standards we demand when it comes to the way we think and act. It clarifies what you can expect from our company and our employees.

Registration in the SBIB register

Our code of conduct was drawn up in accordance with the SBIB (Foundation for the Assessment of Integrity in the Construction Industry) model and has been entered into the SBIB register. This is a public register, which means that you can inspect our code of conduct at any time you wish. Needless to say, you can also submit a request for a copy of our code of conduct via