The unique properties of Faay

Faay offers you everything you need for wall and ceiling systems. Partition walls, insulation walls, party walls, facing walls, roof insulation, ceiling systems, frames, finish and accessories: we have it all. All our products are of the very best quality and offer the best properties.

Inexhaustible raw materials

Faay produces sustainable, bio-based walls and ceilings. Both production and processing are environmentally friendly.


The walls and ceilings from Faay are fire-resistant. Because every second counts when there is a fire.

Easy to fit

Faay products are up to 50% quicker to fit than other systems. And time is money!

Sound insulating

With walls and ceilings from Faay, you decide how much noise you want to keep in or out.

Screw firm

The robust walls from Faay offer extremely good screw fixation. Across their entire surface!

Thermally insulating

Faay walls and ceilings provide thermal insulation. This contributes to CO2 reduction.