Delivery days and shipping costs

Faay delivers orders from € 1750 (recommended retail price, excluding VAT) on fixed route days. Your order will be unloaded, carriage paid, next to the vehicle using a forklift. A maximum of one unloading hour per unloading address applies: you will be charged for any excess unloading hours. You will also be charged for the costs of ferries and tolls.


We will deliver the GP22 elements to you on returnable pallets to which a deposit of € 50 applies. The price for returning these pallets is payable by the dealer/processor.

Extra services

Please contact Faay if you require any extra services, such as a deviating delivery address or unloading by crane (maximum height of 12 metres).
All of the prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
All deliveries are subject to our General Terms and Conditions.