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Is your workplace corona proof after the lockdown?

Are we going back to our open-plan-office now that we are allowed to go back to business little by little?...

Insight into the environmental performance

FAAY uses Ecochain's Environmental Management System to digitise and manage the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of many of their products....

New partnership

We are happy to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Mr Bram Sztrykler and are looking forward...

Faay’s sustainable walls and ceilings facilitate a basic necessity of life: wifi

We quickly experience feelings of panic. These feelings are caused in part by the phenomenon of “FOMO”: the Fear Of Missing Out. We almost immediately become afraid that we will miss out on important things, simply because we temporarily lack a (stable) connection to the Internet.

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Inexhaustible raw materials

Faay produces sustainable, bio-based walls and ceilings. Both production and processing are environmentally friendly.


The walls and ceilings from Faay are fire-resistant. Because every second counts when there is a fire.

Easy to fit

Faay products are up to 50% quicker to fit than other systems. And time is money!

Sound insulating

With walls and ceilings from Faay, you decide how much noise you want to keep in or out.

Screw firm

The robust walls from Faay offer extremely good screw fixation. Across their entire surface!

Thermally insulating

Faay walls and ceilings provide thermal insulation. This contributes to CO2 reduction.