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Insight into the environmental performance

By December 16, 2019News, On homepage

FAAY uses Ecochain’s Environmental Management System to digitise and manage the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of many of their products. A sustainability score was calculated based on 26 impact categories (themes such as CO2, energy, water and toxicities that can be attributed to the production of a product). The LCA was calculated by the company Ecochain using the Activity-Based Footprinting method.

Sustainable construction is looking to the future

Data supplied by Faay allows the environmental performance of walls to be clarified and established based on mathematical models. This allows companies to quickly verify where in the production chain the greatest environmental impact is made. This provides immediate insight into the environmental performance of the products, and it can also be used to drive improvements.

The LCA’s are prepared for the following products:

Facing walls:
GP22, VP35, PG40, PG50, PG60, PG70, PG80 and PG90.

Partition walls:
VP54, VP70, SP54, HV84.

chipboard tongue and vinyl.

National Environmental Database

The environmental effects of the use of materials play an increasingly important role in reducing the overall environmental impact of buildings and structures, especially now that homes and offices/utility buildings are becoming increasingly energy-efficient, thus reducing the environmental benefit (CO2 reduction) that can be achieved by only saving energy in the heating and cooling of buildings. By gaining insight into the environmental effects of the use of materials, a further reduction in the environmental impact can be achieved in the construction sector.