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Kingsize XL Partitions on the Island Vlieland in the North Sea

By June 18, 2020September 10th, 2020News, On homepage, Project

In a fantastic location on the edge of the village of Oost-Vlieland, near the lighthouse, on the former location of the local primary school De Zeester, 25 new homes have been build. The project consists of six owner-occupied homes and nineteen rental homes. The houses are built according to the innovative Dry Stacking System of Construction company Dijkstra Draisma. Prefab building has been on the rise for years. Dijksma Draisma introduces a new form of building with this system. Produced fully automatically and custom-made.


Prefab production, placed in one day

Walls, floors and roof are made on the mainland and then shipped to the island. All parts are coordinated and transported together to the construction site, where they are assembled the same day. This way of building ensures less transport, fewer operations on the construction site, less hoisting movements and in this way saves on fuel and man hours. Build quickly with a shrinking number of professionals. But without compromising on quality.

Kingsize interior walls from FAAY

In addition to prefab, another trend in the market is the demand for large wall widths. Faay fully responds to this with its Kingsize walls. Since 2019, Faay has been working on prefab-made ‘XL’ walls. In the factory in Vianen (NL), complete wall systems up to five meters wide are produced by machine, including pipe shafts and supplied with electricity. On construction it is then only a matter of “plug & play”. With these wall-to-wall partitions, Faay is increasingly being asked as a co-maker in construction concepts. In a previous project of twelve sustainable life-course-resistant homes in Harkema (NL), Dijksma Draisma also used the Kingsize panels satisfactorily.

Durable quality

Another characteristic of the houses is sustainability. Sustainability also involves the choice of materials and the use of raw materials. FAAY Kingsize interior walls are constructed from biobased material. The panels have a flax core, which is provided on both sides with a fiber-reinforced plate.

The new-build homes on Vlieland will be built energy-neutral. The rental properties are gasless and have solar panels. In this way, the houses have a good balance between sustainability and energy efficiency. Comfortable living and affordable quality for the residents was the starting point.

Client: Borough of Vlieland  – Woonfriesland housing association
Design: TWA Architecten
Contractor: Construction company Dijkstra Draisma
Installation: Breman