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Is your workplace corona proof after the lockdown?

By May 13, 2020May 19th, 2020News, On homepage

Are we going back to our open-plan-office now that we are allowed to go back to business little by little? After all, working in an open-plan-office is unhealthy, a Harvard Business Study, publiced in Forbes, found that open-plan offices are killing your privacy and safety. According to the doctors, a workplace without partitions leads to fatigue, concentration complaints and ultimately more absenteeism. A conclusion from before the corona crisis.

Employers like it when the employees also come to the office and the employees also miss the bond with the company and the cooperation with colleagues because of working from home completely.

Corona, end of the open-plan-office?

But how? How can we all get back to the office as soon as possible? Because it turns out to be quite difficult to make large open spaces where dozens of people have to work at desks which have to be corona proof.

It has already been shown that the open-plan-office is the most expensive office there is. The employees are less productive and there is an increase  of absent due to illnesses. Every research proves it. And now there is also the corona virus.

Maybe now is the time to kill two birds with one stone? The time to tackle both matters.

Converting an office, that is not easy?

You might think that. But with FAAY partitions, it’s easier than you might think. These walls are very easy to install by means of a handy Tongue and  groove connection. The prefab panels have a flax board core with a top layer of plasterboard on both sides. In a few steps you have a neat, solid and screw-tight wall. Walls finished with vinyl are also possible, ready-to-use, very suitable for offices and with a wide range of colours.


Work safely and calmly

The flax core makes the walls screw-tight over the entire surface. And they are also fire resistant and have well sound improving insulating. No more problems with coughing colleagues or the roaring laugh of your always cheerful manager, but better concentration and thus ‘work flow’, more productivity and health.


The dismount ability is also a great advantage, as the panels remain movable in order to be able to (continue to) divide a building in a flexible manner, so that a building can be freely divided and can therefore be used for life. As soon as we have the coronavirus under control and the employees still miss their office, you can always go back to what it was like without the partitions of Faay.