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Walls of Sophia Hospital in Zwolle meet all requirements

By May 12, 2014September 10th, 2020Project

The problem

At the start of this year, the Sophia Hospital in Zwolle underwent renovations at the Ambulance department and First Aid station. The admission of patients and First Aid services carried on as normal during the renovation. It was essential that the walls were fire-resistant and soundproof.

The solution

The client, Isalaklinieken, of which Sophia Hospital is a subsidiary, selected the FAAY product because of its good properties. The dry and therefore clean wall system is not only very quick to assemble but also nail- and screw-tight. For this project, the IW100 was selected, which also offers good sound insulation and fire resistance. This immediately fulfilled the legal soundproofing requirements and provides 75 minutes of fire resistance. These are obviously essential properties in a hospital. The fact that heavy loads such as cabinets and medical equipment can also be attached to the walls also played a part.

We now comply with the legal acoustic requirements and have 75 minutes’ fire resistance