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Horizontal hollow metal conduit receivers for Faay partition

Faay’s KBL system can be used as an accessory to your partition wall. The KBL system is a horizontal, hollow metal duct which you place underneath the partition wall. The KBL duct offers room for socket systems, electrical cables, ICT cables and coax cables. The duct is hidden from view behind a removable skirting board. The KBL skirting board provides optimum flexibility in installations, without the need to create apertures in walls.

Ideal for use in multifunctional buildings and spaces with regularly changing uses such as offices, schools and hospitals.


  • KBL system can be applied on one or both sides.
  • Cables accessible at all times.
  • Additional sockets can be easily fitted on one or both sides.
  • Cables can run along the full length of the wall, thanks to the uninterrupted duct profile.
  • KBL duct is connected to the vertical cable ducts built into the wall panels.
  • Metal KBL profile guarantees fire safety and sound insulation.
  • Removable skirting board links up seamlessly with the wall, irrespective of the thickness of the wall finish, thanks to a click system with two grooves.

Product properties

  • KBL system can be applied in combination with all partition walls WITH THE EXCEPTION OF the HV70 (Indoor Climate wall).
  • Finish: apply paint yourself or prefab-foil layer.
  • Maximum height of the skirting board: 70mm.