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Super slick clear span ceiling system

The GP22 VO (thickness 22mm) is an ultra-flat ceiling system with a clear span, which does not have any contact with the floor above. The GP22 VO is fire-resistant, thermally insulating and highly sound insulating (+12 dB, while the Building Decree prescribes a lock of +5dB). The GP22 VO consists of a two plasterboards with a 2.5mm chipboard in between them. The GP22 VO offers an unlimited clear span. The GP22 VO can be fitted flush.

DeThe GP22 VO is ideal for the acoustic separation of homes situated on different floors. The GP22 VO is often used in refurbishment projects, transformation projects, new developments and industrial buildings.

Fire restistance > 75 min
Sound insulation 55 dB (Rw)
Thermal insulation 1.96 m² K/W (Rc)


  • Sustainable raw materials and constituents, sustainable manufacture, sustainable use.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Sound insulating.
  • Improved acoustics.
  • Unlimited span capacity, without sagging.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Dry build: construction nuisance minimal.
  • Can be fitted flush.

Product properties

  • Thickness: 22 mm.
  • Width: 120 mm.
  • Length: 2400 – 3600 mm.
  • Weight: 18.00 kg/m2
  • Finish: finish with texture paint, stucco or Faay Wall spray finish.
  • For use in dry, wet and sanitary areas in commercial premises, industrial buildings and homes.
  • For use in new developments, refurbishments and transformations
  • We recommend that you use FAAYFIX® to glue the walls in wet rooms. NB: It will then no longer be possible to dismantle and reuse the walls.