Online construction details

By November 3, 2017News

Construction details online

Architectural detailing makes a major contribution to the quality and appearance of a building. After all, the quality of a project is largely determined by the products used and the detailing that indicates how they should be used. This sounds very logical, but developing or consulting these details is often much more difficult.

Where can you find the right details, which can also be implemented in practice? And how do you know whether the detailing complies with current requirements and regulations?

To provide the parties responsible for design, regulation, implementation and inspection in the construction industry with the right information, a series of architectural details have been developed that are tailored towards the most common building types and construction methods. These have been developed by an experienced team of building experts and engineers from Archidat, in close collaboration with technical specialists from leading manufacturers and suppliers of building materials and products.

These manufacturers and suppliers have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of materials and detailing. They know better than anyone how their products should be used. On the site you can find generally applicable Archidat architectural and reference details that can be used as a base during the design phase, and more specific details from suppliers, which can be used during the contracting and construction phases.

The supplier details can be consulted and downloaded after signing up, which is free of charge.