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Houthandel Alblas distribution company

By May 12, 2014September 10th, 2020Project

Houthand Alblas in Moordrecht had an entirely new distribution centre built on the Gouwe Park business park in Moordrecht. FAAY panels finished with vinyl and measuring 40 cm wide were used for the separation walls and facing walls.

They are sustainable, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant

The decision to use FAAY walls finished with vinyl was quickly taken because of, among other things, their robustness, rapid assembly times and because they do not require any additional finishing. Vinyl is durable, light-fast, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, impact-resistant and fully washable. It is therefore ideal for use in offices and conference rooms. Alblas eventually opted for the vinyl-covered FAAY VP54 for the facing walls and the VP70 covered with double-sided vinyl as the separation walls.

It has to be pleasing to the eye

The VP70 panels covered with double-sided vinyl are mainly used as separation walls. In order to create a more universal image for the interior, even the frames were covered with vinyl. The VP70 with WR board, which is especially suitable for use in damp rooms, was used in the toilet and the wash room and then finished with wall tiles.
The IW148 was used for the boardroom and conference room, where strict soundproofing requirements had to be met. The wall provides soundproofing but, because it is so thin, it also saves space.