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Faay Vianen partner to the worldwide Quiet Room Label

By September 26, 2016News, On homepage

Noise nuisance is in the top 3 of annoyances experienced by hotel guests. Not so strange when you remember that, until recently, there were no guidelines for noise nuisance in hotels.

The KGI (Sound Insulation Knowledge Centre) has changed this and issued an internationally applicable Quiet Room handbook. A hotel is considered for one of three classifications when it meets the guidelines, depending on the requirements the test is based on. This results in the Quiet Room Label being awarded, with a certificate and a sign to hang up.

The KGI comprises a network of specialists in the fields of acoustics and sound insulation. With an extensive knowledge bank as a starting point, the KGI checks and certifies hotels for the Quiet Room Label. Faay Vianen is also part of this network, together with other specialists from the world of construction. In fact, it appears that the overall picture is the key issue in effective sound insulation. Just replacing the glass or adding a few extra sheets of plasterboard to the walls is not enough. Four points are tested in an audit: air noise, contact noise, installation noise and resonance. The noise problem can be effectively combated by tackling all of these. This has already been proved: large luxury hotel chains such as Hilton, NH Hotel Group, Golden Tulip, Amrâth and Marriott are satisfied customers and users of the Quiet Room Label.

Faay Vianen, as partner of Quiet Room, is proud that our sound insulating wall and ceiling solutions contribute to the (sleep) comfort of hotel guests all over the world.

Faay Quiet Room Label