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1972 – 2017:
Faay 45 years old!

Faay is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year! This is certainly worth commemorating. Because from its inception, in 1972, we have always believed for the full 100% in the improvement and sustainability of dry interior finishing.

That means 45 years of full commitment on consistent quality by prefab production. On fast assembly on the building site. And on sustainable, bio-based entrepreneurship. The founder of our family business, Cees Faay, was a visionary who was way ahead of his time. By perseverance and a firm belief in our prefab wall and ceiling systems, these have gradually become a household name in a construction industry that is increasingly acknowledging the importance of sustainability. Right from the start of the business, Faay consciously opted for infinitely renewable raw materials such as flax shavings, a residual product of flax cultivation. So this meant we were already occupied with a healthy, responsible living environment at a time when companies had hardly developed an awareness for sustainability and the environment.

That awareness has now gained momentum across the construction industry and worldwide. Consequently, our supply area is not limited to the Netherlands. We now deliver throughout the world, from England to the Middle East, and from North America to Germany and Eastern Europe. That is not only thanks to our building products, but also to our service. Advising the customer, personal contact and short lines, that is typical Faay. Our objective is to make things as easy as possible for you with ready-made, high quality and bio-based building products.

Ten years ago, Monique and Mark took over from father Cees Faay. And certainly not without merit. Faay is an authentic Dutch family business. It is characterised by an amicable atmosphere within the company and social involvement towards the staff and customers, but certainly also significant engagement with the community.

In this way we have built up a loyal customer base over the years. And so to all our existing customers: thank you very much for your confidence. Day in day out, that encourages us not to rest on our laurels, but to press on, to continue to innovate. Not without reason, our motto is and remains: ‘Quality always wins.’ For 45 years now!