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ROC Mondriaan college in The Hague

By October 6, 2014September 10th, 2020Project

A school built, delivered and ready for use in only 3 months. About 5,000 m2 Faay partition walls were built into the school. Every day, around 1,200 students use the school building.


In The Hague, ROC Mondriaan has in the meantime put the temporary new build into use. In spite of its temporary nature, the accommodation is well appointed and equipped with all the amenities necessary for the provision of a good education. With a surface area of around 5,800 m2, the temporary accommodation was built in barely one hundred days by Jan Snel.

100 days build

The temporary accommodation sprung up in a record time of 100 days, a nice piece of work! ROC Mondriaan used the autumn break to move into the building and is now making full use of it. This short turnaround was largely aided by the rapid installation method of Faay partitions, type VP54 (between schoolrooms, double VP54 walls were used).

Built in barely one hundred days…

Faay – Sustainable Raw Materials

The VP54 panels, which are 40 or 60 cm wide, have a stable core composed of flax waste, a natural material. User-friendly materials such as plaster boards are added to the flax core. The result is a stable separating wall made of natural raw materials which can be mounted easily, and quickly, within a well-designed system. The panels are
hardy and lightweight, but vandal-proof; so ideal for sectors susceptible to vandalism.

In addition the IW148 party wall is composed of two VP54 panels with a coreless 40 mm cavity filled with mineral wool: providing 120 minutes of fire resistance, outstanding sound-proofing, quicker and easier to handle and create a finished interior wall immediately after installation.

Multi-functional, flexible and sustainable

Educational buildings need to be adaptable for constantly changing needs and requirements. Schools must be suitable for multi-functional use and allow re-arrangement time and time again. It is also extremely important that school interiors are sustainable. In addition, a school should have a stimulating layout: Eco-friendly, with clean lines, safe and resistant to intensive use, the Faay wall and ceiling systems meet all these requirements. Our products are easy to dismantle, re-use and easy to move around. Consequently, school interiors can be changed as often as needed. For good reason, our products are widely used in many new-build and renovation projects as well as educational buildings!

Durable and environmentally friendly

Faay attaches great value to durability. Our present needs must not burden future generations with pollution, waste and a poorer natural world. Therefore we exclusively use inexhaustible raw, and environmentally friendly materials, plus processing methods.