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Handy space- storey partition blocks

VP54/VP70 wall blocks are easy-to-use wall sections that are just 1m tall. They have the same advantages as the VP54 and the VP70. You can use wall blocks to make space-saving partition walls. VP54 wall blocks are suitable for use in spaces of a normal height. VP70 wall blocks are designed for extra high-ceilinged rooms (up to 4500mm).

Wall blocks are the ideal solution if you have difficulty using storey high wall panels. They are often used in the refurbishment of the top and/or attic floor of homes and school buildings, for instance.


  • Sustainable raw materials and constituents, sustainable manufacture, sustainable use.
  • Good nail and screw fixing across the whole surface: 110kg per screw, 230kg per coach screw, without plugs.
  • Two built-in vertical cable ducts per wall panel.
  • Dry build: building work causes minimum amount of inconvenience, can be finished directly.
  • We also supply matching frames.

Product properties

  • Thickness: 54mm (VP54 wall blocks) or 70mm (VP70 wall blocks).
  • Width: 400mm and 600mm.
  • Height: 1000mm.
  • Weight: 28.12kg/m2 (VP54 wall blocks) or 34.20kg/m2 (VP70 wall blocks).
  • Finish: apply finish yourself using paint, decorative plaster, tiles, wallpaper, glass fibre, stuccowork or Faay wall spray finish. Alternatively, you can opt for a prefab-finish with vinyl: Suwide® or Durafort.
  • For use in dry, wet and sanitary areas in commercial premises, industrial buildings and homes.
  • For use in new developments, refurbishments and transformations.
  • We recommend that you apply FAAYFIX® adhesive to panel joints in wet areas.

NB: It will then no longer be possible to dismantle and reuse the walls.