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Prefab-finishing hygienic vinyl layer

Many Faay walls can be finished with vinyl in our factory so that they are ready to use. You can choose from Suwide® or Durafort®. Suwide® consists of an upper layer of vinyl on a woven textile carrier material. Suwide® is available in a variety of different colours and designs. Suwide® vinyl is sustainable, light-fast, scratch-proof, impact-resistant, hard-wearing and fully washable. It is also fungus-resistant and resistant to detergents, soap and ammonia.

A Suwide® finish is frequently used in the care sector, in education, in childcare facilities, in offices and in hotels. It is also used in spaces where hygiene is important such as sanitary areas, kitchens, supermarkets and laboratories.


  • Sustainable raw materials and constituents, sustainable manufacture, sustainable use.
  • Ready-made so ready for use immediately after installation.
  • Long life: light-fast, scratch-proof, impact-resistant, hard-wearing.
  • Hygiene: fungus-resistant and antibacterial.
  • Requires little maintenance: washable with detergents, soap and ammonia.
  • Fire-resistant according to international standards (NEN 6065-6066).

Product properties

  • Wide variety of colours and textures.
  • For use in dry, wet and sanitary areas in commercial premises, industrial buildings and homes.
  • For use in new developments, refurbishments and transformations.