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A water-based wall finish applied

Once you have installed your wall, we can apply Faay wall spray finish to it for you. This decorative spraying work consists of a sustainable, environmentally friendly, water-based paint. Walls finished with Faay wall spray finish require little maintenance. This is because our wall spray finish is antibacterial and easy to clean (hard-wearing, rub-resistant and waterproof). Moreover, Faay wall spray finish is colourfast and ‘soft’ and does not contain without sharp substances such as sand.

Faay wall spray finish is available in a range of colours and textures. It is ideal for use in healthcare institutions and schools.


  • Sustainable raw materials and constituents, sustainable manufacture, sustainable use.
  • Environmentally friendly: water-based paint.
  • Hygienic: antibacterial.
  • Requires little maintenance: easy to clean (hard-wearing, rub-resistant, waterproof).
  • Long life: colour fast.
  • Comfortable: does not contain any sharp materials, so feels soft.

Product properties

  • Wide variety of colours and textures.
  • For use in dry, wet and sanitary areas in commercial premises, industrial buildings and homes.
  • For use in new developments, refurbishments and transformations.