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Mounting foam for gluing on a stony ground

FAAYFOAM is an adhesive foam product for (roof) walls and ceilings. FAAYFOAM has been specially developed to glue guide battens to stony floors, walls and ceilings. FAAYFOAM is ideal in situations where the use of studs or screws is very time consuming or simply impossible (for instance, in the case of underfloor heating). You can even glue some Faay facing walls directly onto a stony substrate with FAAYFOAM. FAAYFOAM is resistant to rot, heat, dampness and lots of chemical substances.


  • Ease of installation on a stony substrate.
  •  Heat-resistant.
  •  Moisture-resistant.
  • Rot-resistant.
  • Resistant to the majority of chemical substances.
  •  Fire-resistant.

Product properties

  • Assembly foam: 1-component moisture curing polyurethane (PUR).
  • For use in dry, wet and sanitary areas in commercial premises, industrial buildings and homes.
  • For use in new developments, refurbishments and transformations.