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Frames for every type of Faay wall

We offer a complete range of wooden door and window frames with our interior walls.
Faay frames are made from low flaw, finger-jointed and/or laminated pinewood and come in a lipped or butt design. They are treated with 30μ water-based white primer (RAL 9001).

Advantages of Faay frames

  • Quality. Lots of national and international accreditations and certificates.
  • Sustainability. Products: bio-based materials, long life, reusable. Manufacturing process: ecological and certified.
  • Ease of installation. Quick and easy installation, linking up with Faay (roof) wall, dry build.
  • Safety: high fire-resistance.
  • Comfort: acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Finish to your own taste (self finish or prefab-finish).