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New! W’all-in-One® – the space-saving interior insulation
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New! W’all-in-One® – the space-saving interior insulation

201211-wio-2.jpgA lot of attention is devoted these days to the energy-efficient management of a building and its sustainability. That is why buildings are converted and insulated with energy in mind. In existing buildings in particular there are many design and structural issues to take into account. The Wall-in-One® concept from Faay is a sophisticated solution for efficient interior insulation. The panels and connecting bolts are not only very efficient from an insulation point of view, they can also be assembled very quickly because of the cleverly devised system. This means that it's all in the panel - a high insulation value in spite of its thinness and cost-saving assembly due to intelligent design.

Make up ground with W’all-in-One®
The Wall-in-One® interior insulation (PG panel) from Faay is designed as a face wall and provides maximum heat insulation with minimum thickness, because the PG panel consists of Kingspan HL insulating board, bonded to 9.5 millimetre plasterboard. The insulating panel, combined with moulded wooden guide fillets and an insulating assembly section, ensures a high insulation value with a U value of 0.35 at a minimum thickness of 60 millimetres. With a thickness of 90 mm a U value as low as 0.25 can be achieved. This outstanding result is obtained as the HL insulating board achieves a very high insulation value even when the material is quite thin. Compared with traditional face panels using mineral wool, this results in a space-saving of up to 50%. This means that with this innovative heat insulation the builder can make up ground for his clients in the truest sense of the word.

201211-wall-in-one.jpgInterior insulation with sophisticated design
But it's not just due to its space-saving design, but also because of the cleverly devised system that Wall-in-One® provides a valuable total solution:
The whole system is lined with foil as standard. There is no need for a vapour barrier as the aluminium lining ensures the necessary moisture resistance. What is more, the U value for the overall construction is increased by 1.75 W/(m2K) by the reflective effect of the foil.
This clever system facilitates rapid and simple assembly: The PG panels are mounted at the bottom with the help of a wooden guide fillet and at the top with a cavity batten. The panels are joined using a specially developed PG connecting bolt. This mainly consists of a rectangular section of high-resistance insulating foam with a screw-tight, projecting plastic strip bonded to it. The latter is gripped by the milled groove in the PG panels, which joins the boards together. As the rectangular assembly sections are mounted on the substructure and covered with the PG panels, there are no heat bridges. The PG panels themselves are not screwed. The advantage of this is that assembly is quick, saving both time and expense.
The surface finish can then be carried out as the client requires. Either a mesh tape can be inserted and the joint between the boards conventionally troweled with the Faay Fill & Finish or the joints remain visible and are simply painted or papered over.

HL insulation® also has various highly valuable characteristics as far as fire is concerned. Compared with other insulating foams HL insulation® only makes a minimal contribution to smoke formation if there is a fire. It is virtually incombustible, doesn’t drip and has a very low smoke index <1m1 (S1). HL insulation® has a flammability rating of B, which makes it an extremely safe insulation material that can make a vast contribution to the fire protection of buildings. Another point worth mentioning in this context is that HL insulation® causes no skin irritation when handled. 

The efficient all-round interior insulation
Wall-in-One® is simple to work and interior insulation can be manufactured at an attractive price. On top of this Wall-in-One® is KOMO certificated. This innovative interior insulation is especially suitable for insulation in existing buildings. It is for example suitable for houses with historic façades, developments with restrictive covenants or individual housing units on large properties which can only be insulated from the inside. Wall-in-One® is the economical and energy-efficient solution.

W’all-in-One® at a glance:

  • complete system with foil lamination as standard
  • obtainable in standard sizes:
    50, 60, 70 and 90 mm
    other thicknesses are also available on request
  • higher U value as a result of the reflective effect of the foil – plus 1.75 W/(m2K)
  • up to 50% space-saving due to HL insulating board
  • no heat bridges
  • resistant to damp
  • easy to order
  • rapid assembly (approx. 15 minutes/m2)
  • light and easy to install with a very low error ratio, being a complete system
  • any surface finish achievable
  • attractive price
  • KOMO-certificated

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