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ROC Mondriaan college in The Hague
New version of W’all-in-One®: The W'all-in-One® self-supporting
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Supporting boards are not necessary with FAAY
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ROC Mondriaan college in The Hague

hal.jpgJan Snel built the new school building for ROC Mondriaan in The Hague in no time at all. The school building was delivered and ready for use in only 3 months. About 5,000 m2 Faay partition walls were built into the school. Every day, around 1,200 students use the school building.

In The Hague, ROC Mondriaan has in the meantime put the temporary new build into use. In spite of its temporary nature, the accommodation is well appointed and equipped with all the amenities necessary for the buitenkant.jpgprovision of a good education. With a surface area of around 5,800 m2, the temporary accommodation was built in barely one hundred days by Jan Snel.

100 days build
The temporary accommodation sprung up in a record time of 100 days. Delivery was on 19th October, a nice piece of work! ROC Mondriaan used the autumn break to move into the building and is making satisfactory use of it.

Together with the use of the quick Faay walls, type VP54 (between schoolrooms, double VP54 walls were used), this short turnaround was possible. The VP54 panels which are 60 cm wide and 54 mm thick have a top layer of plaster board and an enormous flax waste core. Handy and light, but vandal-proof; so ideal for sectors susceptible to vandalism. The IW148 party wall is composed of two VP54 panels with a coreless 40 mm cavity filled with mineral wool: 120 minutes of fire resistance, outstanding sound-proofing, quicker and easier to handle and are ready straightaway after placement.

Multi-functional, flexible and sustainable
This construction method is going to expand enormously over the coming years, not only in order to erect temporary schools but also for the placement of permanent school buildings. With this construction method, an average school of 2,000 m2 can be erected during the summer holidays. The quality of such a building is equivalent to a traditional building, as well as being very sustainable.

Educational buildings must move with the constantly changing needs and requirements. Schools must be thus suitable for multi-functional use and can be re-arranged time and time again. It is extremely important that a school interior is sustainable. In addition, a school must have a stimulating layout: pleasant, safe and resistant to intensive use. The Faay wall and ceiling systems meet all these requirements. Our products are easy to dismantle, re-use and easy to move around. Consequently, you can change your school interior as often as you like. For good reason, our products are used a lot in new buildings, the rebuild and renovation of educational buildings!  

New version of W’all-in-One®: The W'all-in-One® self-supporting


In 2009, Faay Vianen B.V., together with EcoTherm b.v., introduced the W'all-in-One® which is a unique retention wall for thermal insulation with an XPS connecting rail.  Now, there is an additional version of the W’all-in-One®: the self-supporting W’all-in-One® with a pine post. This wall can be used in any situation, regardless of the condition and/or height of the wall behind it. The self-supporting W’all-in-One® offers maximum insulation in difficult circumstances. Quick, easy, effective and well-priced!

With the new self-supporting version, W'all-in-9238.jpgOne® offers untold possibilities for fill-insulation applications, such as for renovations, improvements in the energy label and for greater comfort.
Thanks to the solid posts in laminated and finger-jointed pine, the self-supporting  wall is completely self-supporting which makes this wall a good solution for very uneven, dilapidated, crumbling, sloping or damp walls. Moreover, the self-supporting W'all-in-One® is ideal for buildings where no additions may or can be placed on the walls, for example in heritage buildings. Thanks to the strong post, the wall can also be used up to a height of 360 cm, without any risk of toppling or warping.

Self-supporting W’all-in-One®: good - better - best
The self-supporting W’all-in-One® brings additional advantages to the current system. The freestanding W’all-in-One® is even quicker to install as there is no need for supporting construction or mounting. In order to attach the pine posts, plug screws on the bottom are no longer needed with the self-supporting W'all-in-One®. The underside of the pine post is actually fitted with a groove which falls over the upright side of the underlying wooden profile, thus allowing the element to lock itself. Installing the wall is thus as easy as sliding the walls together. On top, the self-supporting W'all-in-One® is attached to a cavity batten. Both the cavity batten as well as the pine post are 30 mu solid.

Practical advantages of W’all-in-One®
Of course, the self-supporting W’all-in-One® also offers all the advantages of the W’all-in-One®. All versions, both the new self-supporting W’all-in-One® as well as the existing PG60 and PG70 are very quick, and thus cheaper, to install. Errors and failure costs are no longer an issue as the W'all-in-One® is an integrated system with built-in foils. The panels can be used with an air cavity (self-supporting installation/mounting) or without an air cavity (attached with FaayFoam). If required, the W-all-in-One® is delivered with a vinyl finish. The W’all-in-One® is light (±10 kg/m2), practical (2600/3000/3600 x 600 mm) and thin (60, 70 or 90 mm). This is not only handy on site, but also provides logistical and financial advantages in transportation.

FAAY W’all-in-One® retention wall

  • integrated system where the foil is installed as standard, ensures a reduction in failure costs
  • provides improved thermal insulation with little thickness, saves up 50% in space
  • no thermal bridge, no heat leakage
  • impervious to damp
  • simple detailed description, very quick to install (0.25 man hours/m2)
  • light in weight, thus very easy to manage
  • any finish is possible
  • attractively priced
    sustainable and recyclable
  • complies with Building requirements
  • KOMO certification 

Supporting boards are not necessary with FAAY

Faay panels are extremely shock-resistant and highly fire-resistant, as well as having good sound-proofing qualities. They also comply with all building requirements. Moreover, the walls are very stabile, solid and are screw resistant over the entire surface with a withdrawal force of 110kg per screw. Supporting boards are not necessary with Faay, which means a saving of around 5% on the total costs!. 

Trade fair calender

Ecobuild 2011
Tuesday 01 till Thursday 03 March 2011.

Ecobuild is the future of design, construction and the built enviroment -
The latest developments, new product launches and the people who matter.

“At Faay we are passionate about a sustainable future. Sustainability is about ensuring that what we do today to meet our needs does not make it harder for future generations to meet their needs.”

ExCeL. London
United Kingdom

Christmas Break

Our office will be closed between Christmas and New-Year day; Thursday December 23th till December 31th. Monday the 3rd of January we are ready to oblige.  

You can still send us a fax +31 347 37 79 40 or an e-mail info@faay.com, we’ll address all inquiries and issues upon our return on Monday January 3rd. 

We all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!