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Netherlands Technology at Little Venice, London

By October 6, 2015September 10th, 2020On homepage, News, On homepage, Project, Uncategorized
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Replacing all the internal walls and floors of a London town-house, to provide a totally modern, high specification interior finish, initially presented a challenge for London based architects, De Rossa SA. In this conservation area of London’s Little Venice, keeping the entire exterior structure, in its centuries old original condition, was also essential.

The architects having specified Faay internal partition walling for other projects, decided once more to employ the VP54 system, in this case for particular use in the bedrooms, to reduce outside traffic noise. The inherent sound insulation properties of the panels is in addition to the thermal insulation and fire resistance afforded by all standard panels.

Speed of installation was confirmed by contractor, Vitpol Building Services Ltd who reduced the normal erection time, found with most other partition systems, by some 25%. Faay panels need no timber or metal studding to support them. The Faay partition panels where delivered, by FGF Insulation Limited – Faay’s Birmingham distributor, in a building-ready form and needed no timber or metal studding to support them. Direct fixings can be made into the panels at any point across their entire surface. without the need for plugs and battens. The panels can support single point screw fixing loads of up to 25kg anywhere over the panel surface – and even a 110kg load can be supported using a coach screw.

Architect: De Rosee Sa
Distributor: FGF Insulation Limited
Installer: Vitpol Building Services Ltd.

Faay Vianen B.V., based in the Netherlands, has over four decades experience in manufacturing innovative partition walls and ceiling systems. The partitions are produced using an inexhaustible source of flaxfibre, a by-product of linen, paper and linseed oil production. This provides the partitions with exceptional physical features such as impact resistant, fire-resistant and sound-damping, together with high thermal insulation, and very easy installation. For every building situation Faay has a suitable partition or ceiling system.