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There can never be too much attention for CSR and sustainability in trade and industry. The Cradle-to-cradle concept, C2C, is receiving increasingly more attention within that framework. Such as recently in Venlo, during the C2C congress from 21 to 23 March.

Venlo is the first region in the world that has embraced the C2C principle and together with all parties in the region is keen to demonstrate that a sustainable world can really come true.

Of course, Faay is also happy to make its contribution! After all, we attach enormous value to sustainable products as well as a sustainable production process. That is why Faay is a partner to the Venlo C2C congress and, together with the municipality of Venlo, we work from the C2C principle.

The congress had an extra festive touch for Faay Vianen, because on 22 March we were awarded our C2C certificate. Indeed, we received two:

  • the Flax board – Gypsum Drywall basic certificate for the wall panels GP22, VP54, VP70 and VP35;
  • the Flax board – Fibre Drywall basic certificate for the wall panels SP54, HV84 and VK50.

The certificates were awarded by Geoffrey van Elderen, Consultancy manager of consultancy and engineering agency Tebodin, the accredited assessor.

The C2C certificates are another proof that sustainability runs through all the veins of Faay Vianen. Earlier efforts in that field have after all produced many fine awards, in the form of various national and international accreditations and certificates. Consider in this respect ISO 14001/environmental effects and ISO 9001/quality management, KOMO, FSC® and PEFC.